Airfield Rescue Fire Fighting Station (ARFF)

Valdosta Regional Airport | Valdosta, GA

Runway View
Exterior Detail
Interior 1
Interior 2

This 8,130 SF facility was designed as replacement for an old 1970’s fire station also located on the airfield. IPG provided architectural design, interiors, construction documents, and construction administration. The design called for phased construction so the existing facility could remain online until the new ARFF was ready to occupy. Once the new building was occupied the old was demolished and fences relocated. The Airport Authority wanted develop Design Standards for future projects located on the airfield. IPG provided several options and alternatives regarding materials and colors which allowed the Airport Authority to select an option that now bears the future architectural standards for new facilities on the airport. The new station contains four dorms for firefighters, as well as a full kitchen and exercise room. It also contains dedicated decontamination, first-aid and training rooms and has the capabilities to wash firefighters’ turnout gear and recharge their heating and air systems. Use of aluminum sunshade materials mimic an airplane wing while providing sun-screening on the “airside” of the building.

Corporate Hangar Development

Thomasville Regional Airport | Thomasville, GA

Outside View of Hangar
Inside View fo Hangar
Outside View
Hangar Doors

This project included the construction of a 3 bay 100’ x 300’ corporate hangar building, as well as a 30’ x 300’ PCC apron. The work elements include concrete slab installation, building installation, compacting fill from an on-airport borrow pit, concrete pavement, aggregate base course, pavement markings, grassing, top soiling, erosion control measures, and other miscellaneous items. The contract time allowed for Substantial Completion on the Project was 180 consecutive calendar days from the date of Notice to Proceed.

The IPG Team provided Design and Construction Administration working with the Airport Authority, the Airport Engineer, and the chief Prospective Tenant to ensure the design met or exceed the City’s requirements. We also, in the design provided for out of the weather fuel truck storage and additional security fencing as part of the design. The three hangars provided 95’ x 28’ clear openings. The Hangar was a Pre-Engineered metal building with ½:12 roof slope and 35’ eaves. The project included site design and separate corporate Tenant access from the parking lot area side of the field.

Airport Terminal

Valdosta Regional Airport | Valdosta, GA

Interior Terminal
Exterior Terminal
Interior Terminal

A new terminal building for the Valdosta Regional Airport is part of a multi-phased project by the Valdosta-Lowndes County Airport Authority and the Federal Aviation Administration. The new terminal totals over 18,000 SF of floor area and provides ticketing and gates for two airlines, provisions for four rental car agencies, and expansion capabilities for additional growth and demands. An extensive glass canopy provides protection for the loading and unloading zone. Four traffic lanes at the terminal entrance provide space for loading, taxis, buses, and thru-traffic. New landscaped parking lots for 325 cars organize the parking of passengers, employees, and rental cars. The prominent feature within the terminal is the concourse which towers to over 30' high and is flooded with natural light from high windows all around.